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Writing Samples

I love to write!

My strength is in business communications due to my emphasis on corporate communication while I was studying at Ithaca College. I do very well with press releases, proposals, presentations, etc. I’ve already uploaded some examples of these onto this blog. Below I am posting links to some other writing samples that are floating around the web.

I wrote a blog while volunteering with Operation Crossroads Africa the summer of 2007. During this trip, I was heartbroken for the things I was seeing and was trying to process everything. Reading it again, my writing is very emotionally charged in these posts. I am passionate about social media and blogging in particular. I love the idea of getting a glimpse of unedited writing. It really lets us see into a writer’s soul in a way we can’t otherwise.

At Pristine Consulting, I managed the company’s rebranding efforts as the Client & Marketing Manager. As part of my responsibilities, I spearheaded the website redesign, including writing all new copy for them. I am happy to see that their website still contains my original writing for the redesign. With the exception of the Key Team information, I wrote everything on this website. We used Drupel as the Content Management System.

At Ithaca College I wrote for the Ithacan, their award-winning student newspaper. I actually began college as  Journalism major, but felt the pull of corporate america a bit more. Here are a few articles I wrote for The Ithacan:

Making a Promise to Create profit for Those in Need

Music Review

Dance Class Review

Student Employment


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Local Company’s iPhone app brings Central Valley real estate info to the tips of your fingers

**I created this post to be a sample of my writing skills in an informal blogging style. I decided to write it in a persuasive style to push an iphone application recently launched at a company that I hope to work for.

Anyone looking to buy or sell a home knows the almost maniacal obsession we get over checking out new listings. As soon as we walk through the door, the computer beckons us with the new homes that may have popped up while we were out. We already have you covered with up-to-date email notifications, but now we’ve taken it one step further with our iphone app.

Say goodbye to the days of sitting behind the computer checking out homes and running late to pick up the kids. Now you can browse the listings while sitting in your car or waiting in line at the grocery store. Better yet, you can go to your favorite neighborhood and find homes for sale or rent in the area within seconds. That sure beats trying to google your route while sitting in your home office. Best of all? It’s free!

Download the app from itunes or point your web-enabled phone to For those of us who aren’t totally tech savvy, check out our video tutorial or feel free to tweet us any questions you may have. Happy surfing!

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Sample Media Blitz

I am putting together my application for a Marketing Communications Specialist position at a local firm and thought I would show my ability to meet the requirements of the position by putting together a mixed-media blitz. In doing my research, I found that the company recently launched an iphone application.  I used the information they published to put my own spin on some media for them.

Please click the links below to see:

A few Twitter Updates

Press Release

Media Advisory

PowerPoint presentation geared toward realtors that will help push the product to their clients

I’m also going to post a sample blog post written over the same topic.

I hope you enjoy! Please let me know if you have any questions.

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