Writing Samples

I love to write!

My strength is in business communications due to my emphasis on corporate communication while I was studying at Ithaca College. I do very well with press releases, proposals, presentations, etc. I’ve already uploaded some examples of these onto this blog. Below I am posting links to some other writing samples that are floating around the web.

I wrote a blog while volunteering with Operation Crossroads Africa the summer of 2007. During this trip, I was heartbroken for the things I was seeing and was trying to process everything. Reading it again, my writing is very emotionally charged in these posts. I am passionate about social media and blogging in particular. I love the idea of getting a glimpse of unedited writing. It really lets us see into a writer’s soul in a way we can’t otherwise.

At Pristine Consulting, I managed the company’s rebranding efforts as the Client & Marketing Manager. As part of my responsibilities, I spearheaded the website redesign, including writing all new copy for them. I am happy to see that their website still contains my original writing for the redesign. With the exception of the Key Team information, I wrote everything on this website. We used Drupel as the Content Management System.

At Ithaca College I wrote for the Ithacan, their award-winning student newspaper. I actually began college as  Journalism major, but felt the pull of corporate america a bit more. Here are a few articles I wrote for The Ithacan:

Making a Promise to Create profit for Those in Need

Music Review

Dance Class Review

Student Employment


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